Cesium Singing

password: sarahlawrence

Cesium Singing was created in collaboration with choreographer Rebecca Salzer, composer Amir Zaheri and dancers Lawrence Jackson and Sarah M. Barry. This work was inspired by the element Cesium and how it is both used for good (cancer treatment) and bad (atomic bombs). A larger idea encompasses how we, as a society, take natural or “good" things and turn them against us or use them for unnatural or “bad" purposes. Smart phones, which contain cesium, are both a wonderful technological advance that allow us instant connection to people around the world and vast stores of information, but also can disconnect us from the people closest to us and the world immediately around us. In an attempt to have the audience use their phones in a positive way to contribute to the performance, a link to the music was given to all audience members and they were instructed to push play on their phone within a 10 second window. Thus the sound was coming from all around the audience, and mixing beautifully with the sounds of nature (crickets chirping, birds singing).