For our Spring concert, the faculty decided to collaborate on our own version of Cinderella. It is the first full length ballet UA has produced. Much of the choreography and direction was led by Rita Snyder, while the rest of the faculty divided up other sections. I had the privilege of working on the “Dance Master” and “Hours” sections of the work. I had a lot of fun working with the dance master and step sisters to create my first comical dance. The story allowed for an over the top dance master to come try to teach movement to the two step sisters, one very awkward and one very confident and sensual. It was fun coming up with movement for specific characters and working with elements of more classical vocabulary and acting. For the “Hours” I was able to adapt some choreography from a dance I did many years ago entitled “Clockwork” to have the feel of time and the ticking clock, but with a more ominous tone as my dancers represent the end of the fantasy for Cinderella. Working with my fellow colleagues and the Prokofiev score was a very satisfying challenge.