Primary Journeys


This 12 minute dance to a Vivaldi concerto for strings was created for 17 dancers. Movement for the piece was inspired by my time playing with my then 18 month old son. I also see it as my “ode to Taylor” with his work “Esplanade” as the dance is based on formalized interpretations of pedestrian movement. The second section was my favorite as I created movement inspired by the text in the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. The piece was also shown at the Panoply Arts Festival Choreography Competition in Huntsville, AL. This concert is a regional competition forum for choreographers to bring work to be adjudicated by choreographers and teachers of national status. The dance was honored by being chosen for the final gala concert. Additionally the work was shown through a concert I co-organized entitled Intersect at CounterPULSE in San Francisco, CA. This version of the dance was entitled “one, two, three” as I had to rework the piece for a cast of 6 and a more intimate performance space.