unstuck in space

Fellow dance professor and colleague Cornelius Carter and I decided we would like the challenge of collaborating to create a longer contemporary dance work. After considering multiple concepts and music choices, we settled on the music of Radiohead to provide us with a wide range of sounds and moods to explore. At this point, we also invited art professor and sculptor Craig Wedderspoon into the process to create set pieces the dancers could engage with. Wedderspoon created several ramps which were placed in the wings along with a large jungle-gym type structure in the back. With a cast of 25 dancers, Cornelius and I each created various sections and then worked together to set the order and transitions between the dances. We also liked the idea of the dancers being constantly in the space, engaging with the set and the choreography, so allowed the dancers to improvise in the space when not performing set choreography. This led to some beautiful moments, relationships, connections, and surprises as each night the performance was a bit different. The title, an ode to Kurt Vonnegut's character Billy Pilgrim and his ability to jump around in time, captured our idea of the dancers working with space in a variety of ways.