Wanting Something

For this dance, I was able to collaborate with Maxim Rubtsov, principal flute of the Russian National Orchestra. Rubtsov sent samples of the music he was to play for his concert sponsored through the Music School. I selected Debussy’s solo for flute “Syrinx” to create a solo dance based on the story of the fawn seeking the beautiful nymph. The main concept driving the movement was that of seeking or wanting. The dance was set, but once Rubtsov arrived it became clear that he wanted to interact with the dancer and be an integral part of the choreography, not simply stand to the side to accompany the dancer. A wonderful dynamic then developed as I reorganized some staging of the dance in order to incorporate Rubtsov into the movement. It was wonderful to collaborate with another artist who had so much passion and interest in movement even though his expertise was in music. I really enjoyed the resulting duet with Rubtsov and dancer Bryant Henderson. The piece was first performed with Rubtsov on the Moody concert stage on October 6, 2009 and then later performed to recorded music for the ARDT concert in November.